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All are welcome

Welcome to Lynnewood, a reconciling United Methodist Church in Pleasanton, California.  
We believe we come alive and follow Jesus best in a community of acceptance and support. So, if you’re searching for hope and meaning, curious about God, or just open to the idea that there might be more to life than meets the eye, join us as we dare to Question, Love and Serve. You are welcome here and together we can change the world.

Worship with us

At Lynnewood, we embrace a diversity of musical and worship expressions.  Our choirs lead us in traditional hymn singing and our Wellspring band offers modern inspiration.  Our messages are biblically-grounded and relevant to daily life.  We pray through creative expression, holy conversation, and the traditional prayers of the church.  Whoever you are and wherever you are on your journey of faith, you can find a place to praise God and grow in faith here.

current worship series:
Declaring a holy Fast
The Spiritual art of Saying No

What comes to your mind when you think of fasting? Maybe you think of fasting in cultural and physiological terms; as in, a cleanse of lemon juice and cayenne pepper is good to clear the “aura” and improve energy! Or maybe you grew up Catholic and you think of fish on Fridays and no chocolate during Lent.  Maybe you’re an American Protestant and you don't think of fasting at all!  The truth is that our spiritual culture has shunned fasting as a spiritual practice for a long time.  We contemporary Methodists probably associate it with the rules, regulations, deprivations and “bad religion” of a past era.  But, I think it’s time to reclaim the spiritual art and power of fasting. 
We live in a busy, on-demand world.  We want for nothing and that’s a problem!  In a culture of excess, self-restraint is a great teacher.  We can learn to say NO; to our attachments and fears, our habitual thoughts and distractions.  We can learn to say NO to whatever has “piled up” between us and God.  This Lent we will explore the power of fasting - from food, from thought, from practices - in order to remember who we are as children of God and live the abundant life God promises. If God is calling you to a fast, now is the time.  

Lent Spiritual Growth Groups

Join us in a time of prayer, scripture, and discussion questions as we pursue weekly spiritual growth together. All are welcome to join as we join together to discuss the topic of the week. Groups will meet on Sundays after worship and Wednesday mornings at 9:30 am. The Wednesday morning meetings will be hybrid.
Groups will be lead by Pastor Jenn and Corey.