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A statement from Lynnewood upon the Texas elementary school shooting.

In the wake of the shooting at an Uvalde, Texas, elementary school, and the continual destruction of the belovedness of all people, our words and prayers are nearly not enough to help us comprehend these sorts of actions and to share condolences to all who feel affected. As a community centered around the redeeming love of Christ, we must call out what beliefs, ideologies, and actions are not okay in the eyes of our Creator.

As human beings, we’re filled with flaws, emotions, and uniqueness. None of those should ever push us toward violence or spreading whatever darkness we may feel in any moment or situation in our lives. Therefore, as flawed human beings ourselves, trying to create a community and society filled with grace, peace, and love, we must call out any leaders, laws, or groups of people that encourage and continue to allow acts of violence, hatred, racism, bigotry, etc. We must say no more.

As our society continues down this path of violence and division, we have a choice: do we speak with truth, or do we close our eyes and turn away from the ways that God is calling us to bring about light in the darkest of places? No single law, no single court ruling, no change in regime, will bring about the change that we so desperately need in our country. Actions and conversations driven by our belief of the belovedness of every human being, what we do in each moment of each day, may slowly move us toward a place where our children, our loved ones, can venture out of their home into a safe, secure world.

My soul feels dark. My heart feels broken. But the light of Christ still shines before my feet. I pray for all souls who feel darkness, feel hatred, and are impacted by violence that rips at the core of who we are as children of God. May God grant all of us the wisdom to speak truth, the soul to love endlessly, and the heart to pursue a society that will be better when we leave this place.

Written by Lynnewood’s Director of Youth, Family, and Discipleship Corey Dao-Forrester. If you need a safe space to pray, grieve, or process, Lynnewood is a safe space for you. Please email, call, or text Corey.

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