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Join us on Sundays at 9:30 a.m. for worship on YouTube and Zoom!

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A Time to Heal

The writer of Ecclesiastes famously noted that “there is a time and purpose to every season under heaven.” Every season of our lives brings opportunities to learn, to grow, to experience and share the love of God, and to become more of who we are created to be. But, there’s no denying some seasons are harder than others, Amen? After a long and difficult season, all of us are ready for healing and hope. Over the next two months, we’ll explore what spiritual healing is and engage practices of prayer, conversation and creativity that help us find healing amidst the complexities of life. Through psalms and gospel accounts of Jesus’ healing ministry, we will discover new pathways of wholeness and abundant life. Join us as we move out of old ways into new possibilities! This is A Time to Heal.

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