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Worship Services

Join us at 9:30 a.m. on Sundays – in person or online.

The goal of faith is to make every life an act of worship. We worship God through our gratitude, our mindful attention, and daily acts of kindness, mercy, justice and giving.  But, it all begins by setting aside time to gather as a community formed by the Spirit of Christ. Worship connects us to God, to one another and the longings of our hearts.

Turning the World Upside Down: Spirit-Filled Acts of Change

Lynnewood Summer 2022 Series 

What is the meaning and purpose of the church? What is the meaning and purpose of Lynnewood UMC for Pleasanton, and the world, in the year 2022? This summer we’ll explore these questions using the Book of Acts as our guide. Acts is more than a historical chronicle of the early church; it is a testament to the on-going movement of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit led three radical, grace-filled movements in the early church: INCLUSION, THEOLOGICAL IMAGINATION, and ACTION. The disciples created diverse faith communities that included new people, allowed for theological flexibility and context, and boldly witnessed to the social and personal dimensions of the Gospel. This is still the Spirit’s work among us. Join us for worship as we listen for the Spirit’s whisper, respond more courageously to the Spirit’s fire, and catch the Spirit’s movement for change.

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Want to join us on Zoom?

Number to call: (669) 900-6833
Meeting ID number: 682 302 604 and then press #
Participant ID number: just press #
Password: 4444 and then press #
To MUTE or UNMUTE, please press *6
Please mute yourselves when you are not speaking so the audience does not hear your background noise.
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Wheelchair symbol that church is accessible for people with limited or no mobility

All parts of our facility are wheelchair accessible. The sanctuary is equipped with a hearing loop. Those with hearing aids should switch to the T-coil (telephone) setting. For those who do not wear hearing aids but need hearing assistance or whose hearing aids do not have T-coils, we have hearing loop receivers. Please ask an usher for a device

Ear Sign indicating a hearing loop is available in the Sanctuary