Worship Services

Join us at 9:30 a.m. on Sundays – in person or online.

The goal of faith is to make every life an act of worship. We worship God through our gratitude, our mindful attention, and daily acts of kindness, mercy, justice and giving.  But, it all begins by setting aside time to gather as a community formed by the Spirit of Christ. Worship connects us to God, to one another and the longings of our hearts.

Story Stewardship: Honoring the Parables of Jesus

Lynnewood Epiphany 2023 Series 

Jesus loved to teach with parables. They are perplexing, challenging, multivalent and sometimes confounding. It seems that Jesus did not like to teach lessons with easy answers, but loved to stir our curiosity and questions. Jesus asked questions that provoked soul-searching and wisdom. He told stories that helped us see things differently and live in new ways. Stories have that kind of power. They can define us, for better or worse. So, what kinds of stories do we tell? Stories that empower and delight? What kinds of stories do we hear? Stories that compel our compassion and action? How can we tell and hear stories that bring life? Professor and author Brené Brown challenges us to practice story stewardship; to honor the sacred nature of the stories we share and the ones we hear, knowing that we’ve been entrusted with something valuable. Story stewardship means listening, learning, and affirming the stories of others. During this season of Epiphany, we will practice story stewardship by honoring the stories Jesus’ told and noticing those stories are still being lived today.

Wheelchair symbol that church is accessible for people with limited or no mobility

All parts of our facility are wheelchair accessible. The sanctuary is equipped with a hearing loop. Those with hearing aids should switch to the T-coil (telephone) setting. For those who do not wear hearing aids but need hearing assistance or whose hearing aids do not have T-coils, we have hearing loop receivers. Please ask an usher for a device

Ear Sign indicating a hearing loop is available in the Sanctuary