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Wider Welcome Group

Wider Welcome Group

The Wider Welcome group (“WW”) is looking for persons who are willing to commit to steady participation in its efforts to offer a wider welcome to those who may identify as, or perhaps are an ally of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, queer, questioning, intersexed and pansexual persons.

WW started meeting in 2014 as a discussion and action group addressing the Lynnewood Church Council decision not to vote on “A Declaration of Inclusion” which was being circulated throughout the Annual Conference.

After two and a half years of educational work, prayer and awareness building, WW recommended to the LUMC Church Council that it establish a process for the congregation to vote on whether or not to become Reconciling.

The recommendation was approved, and on November 20, 2016, LUMC began the voting process which would lead the church to declare itself “Reconciling” on December 11, 2016. By an overwhelming margin, LUMC voted YES to becoming a Reconciling Congregation.

What is a reconciling congregation? See the Reconciling Ministries Network.

WW hopes to continue thoughtful discussions and a sharing of ideas to help educate and guide the Lynnewood congregation toward a more loving welcome to all individuals who feel marginalized and unwelcome at church.

We invite all those who’d like to be a part of this effort to join us. See Frank F. or Diana.