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Prayers and Squares

Prayers and Squares

If you like to cut, iron, or sew, this group is for you. Prayers and Squares is a national interfaith group that fosters prayer-quilt ministry. The quilts our group makes go to people in our congregation recovering from health concerns and to babies who are being baptized. They have also been sent on mission trips to give to families whose homes are repaired by the mission team. After blessing in the worship service, the quilts are tied by the congregation at the coffee hour, one prayer for each tie.

We have all-day workdays 3 or 4 times a year. Most Sundays, Michele has a few quilt top kits with her. If you want to work on a quilt at home, please see Michele, choose a kit, then sew the kit at your convenience.

Call the church office for information on the next meeting.

To find out more about Prayers and Squares, check out the national Prayers and Squares web site. Lynnewood is Chapter 34.

Date: August 31, 2018