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Remembering our Roots: Celebrating our Denomination’s History

When I was hired at Lynnewood, I knew I wanted to use our social media platforms not only for advertising events, but also to highlight the important figures of our past (both distant and recent) and how they have shaped us today. The values we hold here at Lynnewood can be directly traced back to some of these important clergy and laypersons of our denomination, so I decided to use the month of October to celebrate our history. Throughout the month, our social media platforms will feature posts titled “Remembering our Roots.” These posts will highlight people and events in the history of our denomination. We started today with a post about none other than John Wesley, the founder of our denomination. However, we will not be going chronologically just because we started at the beginning. To do this would be to ignore many people who have made great impacts on our denomination, so posts will be in no particular order going forward.

Though our denomination is hurting, it is still important to remember where we came from; we can get a better sense of how we got to where we are now by looking at where we have been. We can also use this opportunity to ask ourselves what values from our ancestors we wish to take with us into the future. As the Wesleyan Quadrilateral suggests, tradition is one of the many ways we can understand our faith.

I hope you enjoy this journey with me this month as we look through the history of Methodism and learn more about our faith. May it be as enriching to your faith as it has been to mine.


Photo by Mr Cup / Fabien Barral on Unsplash

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