Staff – Music

Meet our music staff, who lead our choirs and the congregation in making a joyful noise to the Lord!

Donna KirchDonna Kirch, Director of Music

For Donna, being director of music is a joy-filled second career.  As the daughter of professional musicians, Donna grew up surrounded by music.  Her formal degrees are in mathematics, and previous jobs include math instructor at the University of Illinois and yield diagnostics engineer at IBM at East Fishkill, NY.

Life changed upon Donna and Steve’s move to California in 1994. After a few years as “stay-at-home mom,” Donna felt the call to do something more.  In fall of 2000, she was hired as Lynnewood’s Chancel Choir director. God must have a sense of humor and a curious sense of timing, for she started directing the choir before completing her first formal conducting course!  When the music director at the time left in January 2002, Donna took on the additional duties and became director of music.

Donna’s philosophy is simple: In Psalm 100 it says “Make a joyful noise to the Lord.” And while she does her best to help the members of her choirs make the most beautiful music they can, it still comes down to being  in music ministry – to the glory of God and ministering to the congregation.

Donna is married to Steve, a physicist who is also an avid singer of barbershop music. They have 2 daughters, Cathy who has earned a creative writing graduate degree at Columbia University and Suzy who is studying math and physics at St Olaf College. They have been members of Lynnewood (and of Lynnewood’s choirs) since 1995.

AmeliaAmelia Han Riegert, Church Organist and Pianist

Amelia started playing the organ for church as a teenager and cannot remember a time she has not played for church since. Her educational pursuits have taken her to England, where she obtained a Bachelors of Music in Piano Performance. She moved to the United States in 1998 to attend graduate school at San Jose State University.

Amelia joined the Lynnewood music staff in January 2014. As church organist/pianist, she does not see her role as a performer but rather as a worshipper presenting her gifts to God while helping fellow worshippers draw closer to Him. In addition to being the organist at Lynnewood, Amelia also serves as organist/pianist for the Sunnyvale Seventh-Day Adventist Church and teaches piano during the week. In her past life, she has been an office administrator, college instructor, marketing executive, as well as English language instructor.

Originally from Singapore, Amelia now lives in Campbell with her husband, David Riegert, a professional musician, recording engineer, and math tutor.