Heifer Dinner

Lynnewood has long supported Heifer Project International. This organization gives animals to people to raise in developing countries and low-income areas in the United States and Canada.Heifer International - Pass on the Gift

We raise money for and awareness about Heifer Project by hosting an annual dinner each November. This is a favorite social event of the year at Lynnewood. While having fun, we help others.

A very special moment at the 2012 dinner was when 8th-grader Corie shared her first personal involvment with Heifer. Several years ago, her mom gave her the Heifer catalog and asked her to pick an animal. She chose the Ark! That’s two of every animal, at a cost of $5000! Her mom suggested she look at the animals again, but Corrie was firm that she wanted to help as many people as she could and the Ark would do this. So she set about raising the money. Being a swimmer, she swam dozens of laps for people who pledged an amount per lap. She organized other fundraisers, and in a year, she had the $5000 and purchased the Ark. Corie has challenged the Lynnewood youth to buy an Ark and raise the funds over the next year and asked the Lynnewood family to support her and the youth in this very worthwhile effort.

At the 2013 Heifer dinner, Lynnewood youth presented a check for 2 arks ($10,000) to Jill Kilty Newburn of Heifer International. The youth had raised the $5000 for an ark, and an anonymous member donated a matching $5000 for a second ark!

Youth Presenting Heifer Check

Heifer Dinner food table Friends and sisters at the Heifer Dinner Kiran at the Heifer Dinner Youth servers at the Heifer Dinner enjoying the dinner

The Heifer Project at work:
Heifer giving