30 Hour Famine

working on playhouseEach February our high school and middle school youth join other youth across the world in participating in World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine, where they “go hungry, so others don’t have to”. A project is selected for the Lynnewood group, and activities center around learning more about the project. Thank you for your support and we can’t wait till next year to “Let ‘em growl again.”

2017: This year we had a special skype call with Liz Satow, Director of the World Vision office in Nepal, who shared with us the struggles unique to ensuring food, medical and educational resources to remote villages following the 2015 earthquake – Wow! Our annual scavenger hunt collected essentials for the San Francisco Homeless Ministry. We built a Habitat for Humanity playhouse for the Headstart Program in Livermore and packed lots of bundles for “Bundles of Joy” for Axis Community Health.

playhouse for Abram2016: A dozen LWood youth along with 2 others from the San Rafael UMC spent the night and let their stomachs growl so that others could eat. The group raised over $1500 to fight hunger around the world; they built a Habitat for Humanity playhouse which was picked up by its new owner 2 year old Abram and his mom who are a Blue Star family. We collected 4 enormous boxes of food for Open Heart kitchen on our annual scavenger hunt; we built and slept in cardboard shelters and we watched powerful films about the lives of children in Uganda.

Diana and Abram

Diana and Abram, a happy boy!

30 Hr Famine artwork2013: Mary Maaga, pastor of Mercy Way Rescue, a church for homeless people in Cameron Park, was our spiritual leader and challenged us to find our soul names and to reach out to those who are most often otherwise excluded from relationship. Throughout the weekend we created artwork for the walls of Mercy Way Rescue, collected coffee, toilet paper, and other necessities for the Mercy Way Rescue congregants, played Swahili soccer, made a soccer ball out of plastic bags like Kendu in Africa taught us on YouTube, saw extraordinary films about day-to-day life for starving children across the world, built cardboard shelters, packed 156 UMCOR health kits, sorted used toys, sang together, worshipped together, and shared communion together.

30 Hr Famine 2012 project: Imagine No Malaria2012: Imagine No Malaria, a global health ministry of The United Methodist Church
The youth contructed a big sign on the front lawn of Lynnewood, complete with a bed, mosquito netting (from UMC’s Nothing But Nets ministry), and a big mosquito.

2011: Haiti
Following the devastating earthquake, Haiti was the obvious choice for the 2011 30 Hour Famine project. The youth built 38 little tents, each representing 10,000 children living in tents in Haiti, and put them on the front lawn. It made a powerful statement to anyone driving by.

 38 tents sleeping quarters built by the youth