Reaching Out Globally

Table of Guatemalan goods at the Heifer Dinner

Table of Guatemalan goods at the Heifer Dinner

Every month we give a special offering to a world need. One of our favorite world-hunger organizations is Heifer Project International; every November we host a great-big potluck, called “Heifer Dinner” and make donations to help third-world families raise animals for their livelihood. In Rise Against Hunger events, we organize an assembly line for packaging food to send overseas. A Knitting Group knits warm, wool hats for babies in Afghanistan. These are just a few examples – Outreach is one of our busiest ministries.

Lynnewood Commits to Stop Hunger

In April 2013, we held our first collaboration with Stop Hunger Now (now known as Rise Against Hunger) to package 10,000 meals that were distributed to those in need. Since then we have held additional events. This is becoming a favorite event, with more and more people joining the fun. Click here for more information and to see pictures of the fun we had packaging the meals!

Lynnewood Children Give!

Did you know that the money that the children of our church put into the offering basket during the Children’s Moment on Sunday mornings week after week, reaches around the world? See below for some of their latest projects.

Puerto Rico Relief

During the summer of 2018, funds collected through our Children‘s Offering will support United Methodist relief and rebuilding efforts in Puerto Rico following last year‘s hurricane. There is still so much to be done. 

Smokeless Stoves

Throughout the season of Lent, 2017, the children’s offering will be collected for our United Methodist missionary, Katherine Parker’s work in Nepal. Even as it begins to get warmer in California in the springtime, life in Nepal in the high Himalaya Mountains remains cold and hard through February. Families are in need of smokeless stoves which cook food more efficiently indoors than their open fires which produce smoke and ash which is uncomfortable and unhealthy for families. The cost of a smokeless stove including its transport into the remote villages of Nepal is about $100. Let’s see if we can help a family in Nepal cook in a way that provides nourishment and spares their lungs.


In 2016, our children’s offering project supports 20x20x20 an organization which provides equipment and training to medical teams in countries around the world who restore sight to blind children and adults. “Restoring 20/20 vision to 20 million blind children and adults”.

Shoes That Grow!

What kind of shoe grows?! A shoe with a very special purpose: to grow with a child for years and years. With a sole plate that expands and straps that adjust in both length and width, this sturdy sandal is a hit with children who need shoes but have none available. In 2015, the children of the church raised enough money to purchase 40 pairs of these shoes. UM missionary Katherine Parker delivered several of these shoes to children in Katmandu, Nepal.

fitting shoes that grow shoes that grow


Donations Bound for Afghanistan

Thank you to everyone who donated warm clothing, school supplies, and gently used and new stuffed animals to children living in refugee camps in Afghanistan. Imagine the delight of the children when they receive a cuddly bear, rabbit, or dog, or even an elephant, beaver, penguin, or zebra!

The sixty-nine stuffed animals from Lynnewood were boxed by Lafayette-based Trust in Education volunteers on December 12, 2015, and will be transported to Kabul by the US Military. In addition, the humanitarian aid bound for Afghanistan includes donations of warm clothing and school supplies, bedding, computers, Stop Hunger Now rice for 285,000 meals, and pallets of dog and cat food for NOWZAD, the nonprofit animal rescue organization.

Newborns at Afshar Maternity Hospital in Kabul will receive the 300 beautiful hand knit wool hats donated by Lynnewood’s knitters and boxed for shipment on December 12. In 2015, our own knitters made 430 wool hats, and all were distributed globally to those most in need of their warmth, including newly arrived Syrian refugees in Germany, victims of the earthquakes in Nepal, and refugees displaced by war in Afghanistan. Thank you for your part in our effort to show our love and caring for everyone touched by a hat, meal, or stuffed animal.

Raise the Roof!

In the fall of 2014, the children of the church gave over $225 toward “Raising the Roof” on new schools in Uganda. On January 11, 2015, children of all ages joined in a celebration of African drumming and dancing as we closed our giving efforts for “Raise The Roof.” A Cheza Nami dancer and drummer called us to worship and then lead the youth and children to their drumming workshop during the Sunday School hour.

Cheza Nami is a Pleasanton-based non-profit organization that is dedicated to preserving and encouraging the appreciation of African culture by inspiring and educating the American public about Africa’s extensive and unique attributes, regardless of their heritage of origin.

… Now They’re Opening A Door …
During the month of February 2015, all funds collected by the children helped to open doors in the lives of orphaned children in Bolivia. Kory Wawanaca means “golden children” and the orphanage by that name provides a loving home for 6-17 year olds. The children also attend school at Kory Wawanaca. The dollars we sent to Kory Wawanaca helped to provide a home and education for children who are orphaned or abandoned.

Raise the Roof celebration with Cheza Nami

Raise the Roof celebration with Cheza Nami