Helping Locally

Delivering the food bags for distributionOur Outreach Committee organizes monthly opportunities for service in our community. Examples of local service projects are working with Open Heart Kitchen, Tri-Valley Haven, and local Habitat for Humanity. We collect student backpacks and fill them for the start of school in the fall, and we sort food at the Alameda County Community Food Bank. Join us and be a part of something greater than ourselves.

Open Heart Kitchen Returns to Lynnewood!

We are very happy to announce that beginning August 13, 2017, Open Heart Kitchen (OHK) will begin serving meals at Lynnewood in the Fellowship Hall from 2:30 until 6:00 p.m. every Sunday (with exceptions as required). Open Heart Kitchen has been working for several months to expand their meal service into the weekends. They approached Lynnewood, and we enthusiastically agreed. Open Heart Kitchen will have the meals prepared at Ridgeview Commons and transported to Lynnewood for serving. OHK is responsible for signing up volunteers every Sunday for serving and clean up. OHK started at Lynnewood in 1995, outgrew our kitchen, and now we welcome them back by providing serving space!

Lemonade stand for Sunflower Hill

Lemonade stand for Sunflower Hill

Lemonade Fundraiser for Sunflower Hill

The children made lemonade and sold it to thirsty passers-by to benefit Sunflower Hill, creating a sustainable residential community for individuals with special needs . Their efforts raised $50!




Groceries for the Tri-Valley Haven Food Bank

Packing grocery bags for the Tri-Valley Haven Food Bank is a favorite fall event  Lots of people pitch it for a fast and furious packing of bags full nutritious items.  We packed 300 bags of groceries!

 Packing food bags Loading the bags for distribution The group packed 300 bags of food!

Renovating the Tri-Valley Haven’s Thrift Store

UMCs in the Tri-Valley took on a project to renovate a thrift store in Livermore. Tri-Valley Haven had taken over the store, and it hoped that the store will become an important source of revenue to fund the Haven’s domestic violence and homeless programs. Some of the non-profit’s other grant sources had been reduced or eliminated. The store could really use a facelift to make it a more inviting retail space, so the work was done!

Bill working on the new shedKaren and Cynthia laying flooringRon painting

Picking Oranges for Open Heart Kitchen

One of our Lynnewood members needed help picking oranges from their overloaded tree.  Several adults and youth stepped in to pick the oranges and some lemons. Over 300 lbs were picked and delivered to Open Heart Kitchen.

Diana and Marinda Vivi picking 8 boxes, 300 lbs

Bundles of Joy

The Bundles of Joy project started in 2008 as a Lynnewood Outreach project, and it has grown to see participation from many churches in the Tri-Valley as well as from individuals, and community groups. This is an on-going project; our goal has been to provide 14 bags per month to Axis. We estimate that each bag contains $50-$75 worth of baby care items. This project serves local families that are struggling to provide for the very basic needs of a newborn. For many of these families the items received are the only new items they will get for their newborn. The Axis clients are thrilled to receive these gifts and truly appreciative.

We believe that babies are a blessing and that each birth should be a joyful celebration. Please help us continue to welcome these babies into the world and show them what a  caring community we are. All donations are gratefully accepted and so appreciated by the  families receiving them. Donations may be left in the narthex or given to Kristin or Heidi. If you have any questions please contact the church office.

Items Needed for the Bundles of Joy Project:
Diapers (Newborn – Size 1)
Hats (We usually include 2)
Bibs (We usually include 2)
Cloth Toys or Stuffed Animals
Baby Wash, Lotion, Powder or Ointment (We include 1 item per bag)
Newborn Outfits – Size 0-6 months (We usually include 1 per bag)
Pajamas – Size 0-6 months (We usually include 1 per bag)
Onesies – Size 0-6 months (We usually include 1-2 per bag)
Baby Booties or Socks (We usually include 2-3 pairs)
Cash or Gift Cards (Target, Babies R Us, etc…)

Bundles of Joy Update!
In 2016 the Bundles of Joy project distributed 168 bags of baby supplies to Axis Community Health in Livermore and Pleasanton! These bags of baby care items and newborn clothing are provided to families in the Tri-Valley who participate in the prenatal program provided by  Axis Community Health. Axis is the sole provider of prenatal services to local residents who  are indigent and uninsured. Approximately 20% of all the deliveries at Valley Care (about 25  babies per month) are Axis clients.