Pastor’s Thoughts



May 27, 2017

The transitions happening in our church make this a time of much uncertainty.  Members have shared with me children coming home from college, a spouse leaving, anticipated divorce, high school graduation, selling a home, moving to a retirement community, taking a new job, losing a job, the end of the school year, a wedding in the near future, a home remodel, foreign travel, a new pacemaker put in, a new cancer diagnosis, a recurring cancer, a parent’s failing health, the need for a care giver in the home, the desire to have a Stephen Minister, mental instability, addiction, commute stress, moving away, going off to college, and……our pastor is retiring!  

Yes, it’s true, I am retiring, but compared to all the other transitions going on, mine seems simple.  I am having bookshelves built at home to move my books from my church office out, just in time for the new carpet to come in!  

Thank you for your many kindnesses and best wishes.  I pray for you as you deal with all your transitions, and I wish you God’s care always.

Love and Blessings,

Rev. Heather

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