Funeral or Memorial Service Planning

Let us help you plan for a loved one’s funeral or memorial service.

 Anyone in the community is welcome to call Lynnewood United Methodist Church to ask to schedule a memorial service.  You will be encouraged to speak with a pastor.

The pastor can talk to you about the person who died and help you come to grips with the death.  She can also meet with family members and offer counseling.  If you want to have a service in the sanctuary, she will show you the church and explain how we handle such services.  For a funeral, the body of the deceased is present in a coffin.  For a memorial service, it is not.  The mortuary can help you make plans for burial or cremation.  The pastor will share with you the fees for having a service at this church.  Members of the church pay no fees, except $200 for the organist or pianist.

The church has a memorial assistant, who will speak with you if you wish to have a reception following the service in our Fellowship Hall, or outside, should the weather permit.  She can help you plan a memory table or whatever the family wants.

The expectation is that our ministers will help plan the service and support you in the days and weeks to come.  We have a Stephen Ministry program that offers volunteer “listening companions” for your time of bereavement.  We can refer you to on-going grief support groups and counseling also.  You will find our church to be welcoming and supportive to families going through difficult times, and all our programs are open to anyone.

 May you find comfort in God’s love.