Knitting Group

In 2014 one of our members heard about a project from Trust In Education to knit hats and socks for new babies in Afghanistan, which has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world. Many of those deaths can be prevented by providing warm wool hats and socks for the babies.

The project spoke to our Outreach Committee, which took it on. The knitting group meets once or twice a month to knit hats (just hats, not socks currently). All of the hats are made of 100% wool for warmth in the extreme cold.

Baby hat delivered to Nepal

Baby hat delivered to Nepal

Seventy-two wool baby hats made by the Lynnewood knitters were boxed by Lafayette-based Trust in Education volunteers on September 24, 2016. From there they were transported to Kabul by the US Military’s Denton Program. The humanitarian aid also includes TIE donations of warm clothing and bedding, school supplies, computers, educational software, solar cookers, and Stop Hunger Now meals from the San Leandro warehouse. Newborns at Afshar Maternity Hospital in Kabul will receive the beautiful hand knit wool hats donated by Lynnewood’s knitters and other knitters throughout the US.

When our partner in mission, Katherine Parker, UMC missionary to Nepal, visited us in May 2016, we gave her 75 hats to deliver when she returned to Nepal.

In 2015, our knitters made 430 wool hats, and all were distributed globally to those most in need of their warmth, including newly arrived Syrian refugees in Germany, victims of the earthquakes in Nepal, and refugees displaced by war in Afghanistan. Newborns at Afshar Maternity Hospital in Kabul received the 300 beautiful hand knit wool hats donated by Lynnewood’s knitters.

If you are interested in supporting this ministry, but don’t knit, we would appreciate cash donations to help with postage for shipping the hats. There is a donation jar at the Outreach table and you can put a check in the offering with “knitter’s postage” on the memo line.

The group meets once or twice a month on a Thursday morning. If you would like to join this group, please contact the Office ( for dates/times and locations.